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• Enjoy the stories from our archives! They appear below and to the right.

1 Goat's Head, 1 Machete
And 1 Bottle Of White Rum

... set Garfield Reid free.

“Get On The F#@&ing Sidewalk!”

Cyclist perturbs driver.

Urban Renewal
Revisited -- & Taunted

Five decades later, an architect & an A&I tour encounter a skeptical Dixwell.

1 Day, Start To Finish

• Citywide (here, here, here, here, here, & here).
• 1 day, 3 neighborhoods (herehere, here, and here).

She Stayed Alive
To Give Kids A Dance

Teacher inspires, & finds inspiration.

Hip-Hop Unites
Hill & Tre, Town & Gown

In a Dwight Street basement. Nicolás Medina Mora Pérez was there.

An Open Window Beckoned

• An older cop, Paul Bicki, crawled through—& halted a rape.
• Then, right before retiring, he learned a lesson from an orange.

Hats Off

... unless you make the rules. About hats.

They Fought The
Law -- & They Won

• Luis Luna got cop policy changedand an assistant chief censured and pushed out after his arrest for video-recording.
• Jennifer Gondola fought back after a cop arrested her for filming his actions; he was suspended, then left the force.

How Labor
Beat City Hall

And made history.

“Bloodline” Boiling Points

Dispatches from the state’s largest-ever drug/gang sweep:
YouTube, Facebook helped bust the Tre Bloods.
How “White Boy Chris” filtered $2.5M in drug money.
Biggs’ jailhouse plea: Don’t believe the hype.
Wiley Don raps from prison.
Judge to feds: Fix your unconstitutional “2nd class” mess.
The ABCs of dealing, explained.
Judge: “I was not asleep.”

Lunch With Wendell

With death closing in, a powerbroker breaks bread.

Midnight, In The Alley

Believe in People vaults off a rooftop.

The Day The Comments Died

• And yet ... commenting abounded until the Cone of Silence was lifted.
Whose “public art” is it?
The Great Loosies Debate.

Moms Focus
Grief On Change

A “man of the year” cop brings together two moms of young murder victims to make the streets safer.

You Say
Good-Bye, I Say Hello

DeStefano pulls out of Dodge in a hybrid—after 20 years of hybrid-model mayoring ...
... as a new mayor reveals a biblical Utah upbringing.

At Gunpoint,
Reporter Misses The Details



Ex-detective reclaims violence-plagued street for the chess kids.

Mysterious Island
Lady Takes A Prince

The Branford Eagle crashes the wedding. (The not-so-happy ending.)

"Is There A Reason
You Have A Camera?"

Oops. East Haven cop meant to say “gun,” didn’t he?

Annie Le Was Strangled

The narc unit watched killer play baseball days after murder.
Killer, like victim, was engaged.
Ex-girlfriend: “I feel like I’m 16 again.”

Lamb Tells All

To Allan Appel.

That’s Not A Skeleton
— It’s Two Skeletons

Beneath the LincolnOak uprooted by Superstorm Sandy on the Green

It Rained ... Harmony

A Doo-Wop-Alypse on the Green.

No News From The Compost Heap

by Paul Bass | Aug 15, 2014 1:26 pm | Comments (4)

There are no news breaks on the worldwide web. Right?

Well, in this corner of the web, there will be: For the first time in our nine years of publication, the Independent’s unplugging for two weeks.

Continue reading ‘No News From The Compost Heap’ »

Flashback: “Occupy” Underground HQ Infiltrated

by Thomas MacMillan | Aug 15, 2014 1:25 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photos • “Coyote at home base, this is Snake. We have the package,” one of the masked men in the SUV said into a cell phone, as a reporter lay blindfolded in the back seat.
With Iron Thunderhorse behind bars, Little Owl crashes the scene on the Green.
“Guilty—with an explanation.”
Thomas MacMillan Photos

Flashback: A Schoolteacher-Waitress’s Diary

by Gina Coggio | Aug 15, 2014 1:24 pm

Paul Bass Photo

Tookie’s fate reconsidered.
Keep your undergarments on while dining.
“I wonder if she’s dead.”
 “I rep the Ville.”
Good vibrations.
“That’s all I get?”
No teacher, no cry.
Confession hour.
The last good-bye.

Flashbacks: Reel Madness, Campaign Edition

by Staff | Aug 15, 2014 1:23 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photo • Where did that bag of 335 absentee ballots come from?
Heartless money-beholden “failure” becomes endorsed hero!
Wild turkeys outnumber humans at the polls.
Jane & her poodles get the story.
McMahon’s fake vs. Murphy’s fraud.
Zombie conspiracies revealed!
Melissa Bailey Photo

Edward Anderson goes undercover in New Hampshire.
Lobbied pig farmer picks a president in New Haven ... Iowa.
• A grandson of Mexican immigrants finds a way to make a living again — and sneak past security to hear a story that sounded like his own.

Flashback: Reggaeton’s Father Now God’s Son

by Nicolás Medina Mora Pérez | Aug 15, 2014 1:22 pm

When music pioneer Héctor “el Father” Delgado came to town, he didn’t revisit his reggaeton super hits at a nightclub. Instead he rapped in tongues—at a Fair Haven church.

Flashbacks: Panther Torture Revisited, Revealed

by Paul Bass | Aug 15, 2014 1:21 pm

• 37 years later, a spy fesses up ...
• ... and a torturer offers a victim a public apology.
• Another 7 years later, a lost reel-to-reel tape resurfaces of the “interrogation” that preceded New Haven’s political murder of the century.

Flashbacks: Heroic Public Servant Never Quits

by Staff | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photo We caught up with city inspector Rafael Ramos ...
Cleaning up blood on a porch after a murder.
Digging out people in a monster snowstorm.
Condemning a slumlord’s rooming house.
Getting the heat turned on for a shivering mother and daughter, and for another mom with two boys.
Helping immigrants living in a squalid basement stand up to their landlord.
Chasing the slumlords of “The Jungle.”
Rescuing 2 goats and 24 sickly chickens.
Taking dozens of city kids camping every summer.
Not to mention running a thriving community theater troupe.

Flashback: “Bad Chad Express” Rides To Glory

by Melissa Bailey | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Melissa Bailey Photo Aboard the bus to Atlantic City—Godmother Honda Smith led fans pulling out of New Haven in a “party bus” in prayer. In the ring, Rafael Garcia the cut man spread adrenaline on a nasty gash from a headbutt. Jermaine Dawson urged his older brother to “stay focused.”

It took a village—hometown friends and family—to help boxing phenom Chad Dawson survive the blows of a veteran fighter and regain his world championship belt.

Click here to read the full story (and see the photos).

Flashbacks: How Scammers Wrecked The Hood

by Neena Satija, Paul Bass, Thomas MacMillan, & Melissa Bailey | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Neena Satija PhotoCeiling falls. Baby dies. Slumlords pay nothing ...
• ... stiff banks while raking in government cash ...
• ... & pick new inspectors when they fail inspection.
Straw buyer lured into wild ride ...
• ... as a “partying” MySpacer lines up scam homebuyers ...
... a slum-photo doctor makes a call ...
• ...  outside Goodfellas, a police commissioner slips into a car and is handed an envelope with thousands of dollars in cash by fraud scheme’s mastermind ....
•... and “Kwame” & astraw buyer leave trail of blight. (The judge isn’t impressed.)
A “Big Liberal” gets 5 years for ripping off poor.
Facing 30 years, scammer turns star witness—while the feds let him rebuild an empire.
Paul Bass Photo

Flashback: Pair Gets Front Seat For The Rapture

by Allan Appel | Aug 15, 2014 1:15 pm

Allan Appel Photo On the New Haven Green, righteous people were about to be swept up into heaven in the biblically envisioned “Rapture,” setting off months of hell on earth leading to the destruction of those left behind, fulfilling a 375-year prophecy. Johvanni Colon and Eddie Perez staked out front-row seats.

Click here to read what happened.

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